The Riddle of SebRa

Chapter Four

Nuit Sky Earth Ra


Nuit Sky Earth Ra is the complete version of the foregoing teachings concerning EVEY, the union of Eve and SebRa (Nine Yod Taro), in capsulized form. Earth-Ra is SebRa; Nuit-Sky is his counterpart, Eve. Yet there is more to this line than meets the eye. This phrase links the sexual orgasm, EVEY, with the spiritual orgasm, for the ritual must always be performed unto Nuit; i.e. it must be a magical act.

The ideal Elixir is emitted during the trance of Samadhi, of which there are various kinds — spiritual union with a god or spirit, for example — the highest of which is union with the True Self, sometimes called Satan (the union of Hadit & Nuit). Thus it cannot be tainted by “personality” with its delusions. The Secret Word should be formed during this union, the Will having been intuited and formulated consciously. The sex act is then the creation of a psycho/physical entity made in the image of the pure, unhindered impulse.

But the main impact of this second line is the first word, Eat. There is no suggestion in line one that the Elixir must be consumed. It merely describes its formulation. Line two speaks of the fact that, when the sacrament is properly distilled, the consumption of that Substance includes the fourfold essence of Nuit Sky Earth Ra, the deities corresponding to the four letters of the formula EVEY. The Magician is then eating the flesh of the Gods, the holy nectar, the fruit of the Tree of Life.

Disguised in this Tetragrammaton is the definition of the Gnostic Christ, God made manifest. “I am called Christ by some.” – Book of Codes, IV:24. This “some” has the secondary connotation: SUM.

SKY (Babalon) 156
EARTH (Had) 10
RA (Therion) 666

These are the four main deities of the Thelemic pantheon, and together they equal 888: “…the Christ’s true number is 888.” – Book of Codes, I:8 Therefore, the manifest Christ in the form of the alchemical Body and Blood is composed of these four theological principles. The most obvious Qabalistic correlative of this equation is that of Tetragrammaton and the Four Elements, but the elements have been interchanged in many ways (one cannot relate Nuit to Water and Babalon to Air, for example), and, at least at this point in time, an exact correspondence is impossible.

The formula described here is that of EVEY, הוהי. It is also significant that, although the third letter is derived from the feminine “Eve,” its function here is masculine. It will be shown that each letter of הוה, EVE, corresponds to a line of the poem, each describing a sexual ritual when combined, or “laid with” the י, Yod, the masculine force. The third letter describes an act which is entirely masculine, yet fulfills the role of the feminine. (chap. 5).

It is certainly significant that the place of primary importance in this Tetragrammaton is feminine, while that of יהוה, YHVH, is masculine This is a potent formula related to the posture depicted on the Stélé of Revealing. This happens continually when one begins to correlate Thelemic terms with those of previous cultures. Shiva has become Nuit, Shakti Hadit. Kundalini has shed its feminine suffix and become the masculine Kundali.

The Elixir being the incarnation of the deity EVEY, it contains within itself all planes of Becoming. It is a veritable Microcosm, a small universe in itself. At the consumption of this Being, many things begin to happen. The Entity itself is incorporated into the psychophysical being of the magician or magicians; he gains new powers new insights, his physical body may be transformed. Objectively, the manifest environment undergoes a corresponding transformation: wealth may materialize, or a new love interest; he may be put into contact with Those who can teach him more about Magick. The possibilities are endless, but the effect of the Ritual can always be traced back to the characteristics of the invoked Force.

The last word in line two of the Poem, LARO, can be compared to EVEY and NUIT SKY EARTH RA, although its meaning is much more specialized. It can be broken down in a number of different ways. By Gematria, it is 301, an elaboration of a key number to the Book of the Law, 31. 301 is the Hebrew word for Fire, אש, ASh, and thus relates specifically to the masculine magical force, and yet a feminine is implied by the central 0 and the first syllable, LA. Rather than referring to the energies of Libra (30) and Air (1), LARO contains the forces of FIRE (300) and Air (1). This is specifically symbolic of the Phallus and its projected form, sperm. The central 0 expresses the power of the Kteis (vagina), but it will be shown that LARO suggests a spiritualized form of the Lady, being a glyph of autosexual practices.

The first half of the word, LA, is the word of Nuit, meaning Not. Its value is 31. The ritual must always be performed magically, else the child will be tainted with illusion, possibly degenerating into a harmful entity (as we watch the breakdown of civilization…) These two letters correspond to NUIT SKY. The second half of the word, RO, is a title of SebRa, for R is solar and O is the sign of Capricorn, Cardinal Earth and especially symbolic of the god Set, or Hadit. Its value is 270, a glyph of the masculine formula of “going,” represented by the ever-changing Hadit. LA changes not, RO is change. The former is feminine, the latter masculine. RO is the magical Will itself, the ability of the Primordial Image to formulate itself as Matter.

270 is also the value of INRI, with the concealed IAO. INRI is a Notariqon of several phrases in many different languages, the most familiar of which is the Latin: Iesus Nazaraeus Rex Iudaeorum, Jesus symbolizing the dying/ressurrecting phallic energy:

IOD – Isis, Mighty Mother
NUN – Apophis, Destroyer
RESH – Osiris, Slain and Risen

The Phallus is nailed to the Tree of Life, so to speak, and in its agony of ecstasy it “gives up the ghost.” This Holy Ghost is SebRa, or the composite form EVEY, the rectified Primeval Substance, the Serpent and the Egg, the First Matter of the Alchemists. The Christ, indeed, descends into Hell and on the third day (3, Binah the Mother), He rises again from the dead to sit at the right hand of the Father, to judge the quick and the dead. Thus, the consumption of Christ’s Body and Blood gives one the Power to control both the material planes (the quick) and the non-material (the dead). “They shall rule the All and the None.” – Book of Codes, II:15.

Important also and amusingly simple, is the Temurah of LARO, ORAL. As indicated by the first word of line two, the sexual energies must be reabsorbed into the body of the magician. The Elixir is the Secret Word, for it is the “vocalized” True Will. That which is projected must be ingested.

The formula of Nuit Sky Earth Ra, or EVEY, brings us to the subject of Thelemic morality once more, for it presupposes the Law of the Will. If the ritual is not performed according to Will, disaster (more or less) will most certainly follow. If it is in harmony with the Inner Impulse, that implies all sorts of moral prerogatives. Although this has been discussed in the chapter on AKARMA, it will be explored here from a different standpoint.

Thou hast no right but to do thy will. – Book of the Law, I:42.

The Thelemic concept of Good and Evil is, in a way, very simple to define. To do Good is to do one’s Will, heedless of result. To do Evil is to restrict the Will, ignoring the Fundamental Impulse in favor of a) a more “rational mode of behavior,” b) fear of the opinions of others, or c) the result of simple social conditioning, habit. (There are probably other excuses as well).

Do What Thou Wilt is simplistic in the extreme; it even defies all rational explanations. The Will is the absolute authority in the conduct of the individual.

The Law is three-fold, for implied in Do What Thou Wilt are also the Law of Love (Under Will) and the Law of the Strong. These correspond to Tiphereth, Chesed, and Geburah, respectively. (The remaining triads on the Tree of Life might also be suitable correlatives on their own planes).

The Law of Love applies to every facet of one’s life, and it is directly tied up with the principle of Change. The Will directs the individual in a manner which is constantly shifting in a kaleidoscope of new and varied experiences. It is a fundamental universal principle, that all things are continually moving, growing, decaying, and transforming. Change Is Stability. When the Thelemite embraces a new aspect of the Universe, any new experience in the sensory field, and gives himself heartily to it, he is employing the Law of Love.

There is a secondary characteristic of this Law, and that pertains to Love in its sexual sense. In this respect the Book of the Law is most severe and emphatic: “…if the ritual be not ever unto me: then expect the direful judgments of Ra Hoor Khuit.” – Book of the Law, I:52. And the Book of Codes:

Hear what the spirit sayeth unto the Church of Luna! Some of thee in this precinct have not the knowledge of Hadit. Thou knowest not the face of our Mother, nor hast thou the ability to raise thy servant. If thou dost not love unto Nu, my children, I will scold thee with affliction! I will cast thee out of my mouth, broken and sad. Ye shall know I have forsaken ye. So sayeth the Word to the Church of Nine Ways.
– Book of Codes, III:10.

The reason for this injunction is that sex is the principle of Change. Every act of Love destroys the Universe and creates one anew at the moment of orgasm. If the True Will (and/or it’s bud-wills) has not been intuited and formulated consciously, the result will be haphazard and distorted. If, however, the Thelemite is conscious of this Root-Instinct, the sex act itself will become the Talisman of Supreme Puissance, and the Universe will be transformed into the likeness of the Primordial Image which embodies the deepest Will to Live, the Will to Power. Here the interplay between the Law of Love and the Principle of Change is magnified. Each Act of Love, which is the ecstatic union of either opposites or identicals (again, sexual logic…), destroys the former conditions of the Universe and altogether recreates another (both subjectively and objectively).

Aleister writes:

Now this was the Error of Elder Philosophers, that perceiving Changeful duality as the Cause of Sorrow, they sought the Reconcilement in Unity and in Stability. But I shew thee the Universe as the Body of Our Lady Nuit, who is None and Two, with Hadit Her Lord as the Alternator of those Phases. This Universe is then a perpetual By-coming, the Vessel of every Permutation of Infinity, wherein every Phenomenon is a Sacrament, Change being the Act of Love, and Duality the Condition prodromal to that Act, even as the Axe must be taken back from a Cedar that it may deliver its Stroke. The Error therefore of these Philosophers lay in their false Assumption that Bliss, Knowledge, and Being (the Qualities of their Changeless Unity) could be States.
– The Book of Wisdom or Folly, chap. 200.

This is the fundamental principle of Thelemic Magick. Change is welcomed as the necessary condition of Life, even of Ecstasy. During the sex act, this formula is active at a concentrated, high-frequency level, and provided that the magician is indeed in communion with his True Will, anything whatsoever may be materialized.

The Law of the Strong, besides being Nature’s custom, guarantees the absolute authority of the Will. One must not worry about the effects of one’s actions. The Strong will inevitably survive. This concept is akin to that of the word AKARMA. It is the Joy of the World for it offers complete emancipation from the Cult of Compassion. The Will must not be bound, even if the expected consequences are violent.

The Will is, of course, the god Hadit in the Book of Perfection. He is the Kundali, the Serpent of Light, which manifests the Two-Aspect of the Naught. It is emphatic, therefore, that this Power be worshiped, i.e. awakened, and the method prescribed herein is the following: To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet, & be drunk thereof! – Book of the Law, II:22. This does not refer to the Elixir, as some (not many) have casuistically suggested. Not only are certain drugs ideal in arousing the Kundali, but Aleister Crowley exemplified this course of action throughout his life. Are we to say that the Prophet was mistaken on this point? Are we to assume that even though drugs are the simplest method of awakening the Serpent of Hadit, the Book of the Law does not mention them? Absurd. And the Book of Codes leaves no room for doubt.

Undoubtedly, some drugs are better than others for the task, and each Magician will find his own special intoxicant, or combination of intoxicants. It takes some amount of experimentation before one can be classified as a “drug expert,” and it can hardly be over-emphasized that this study forms an important part of the Magician’s training. Again I quote from the Prophet;

Not sleep, not Rest, not Peace, not Contentment, are of the Will of the Hero; but these Things he hateth, and consenteth to enjoy them only with Shame of his weak Nature. But he will analyze himself without Pity, and he will do all things soever that may free and fortify his Mind and Will. Know that the Technick of the Right Use of these Magick Poisons is subtle; and since the Nature of Every Man differeth from that of his Fellow, there entereth Idiosyncrasy, and thine Experience shall be thy Master in this Art. Heed also this word following: the Right Use of these Agents is to gain a Knowledge preliminary of thine own Powers, and of High States, so that thou goest not altogether blindly and without Aim in thy Quest, ignorant of the Keys to thine own inner Being. Also, thou must work alway for a definite End, as a good Knight is sworn to do…these do really work with Thee in Purity, making thee wholly what thou wouldst be, an Engine indefatigable, a Mind clear, calm and concentrated, and a Heart fierce aglow.
– Book of Wisdom or Folly, chap. 94.


 James Beck

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Credit for this discovery must be given to D.E.B.
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ed. note:
Nu means ‘water jug’ and the goddess is often depicted in Egyptian iconography as a woman with a water jug on her head. Atu XVII The Star, a symbol of Nuit, is attributed to Aquarius, the water bearer. Babalon is associated with the Vav (ו) in EVE. Vav is 6, the solar number, the element Air in Tetragrammaton. We are bottom dwellers in an ocean of air that we call the sky.
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Book of Codes, 2:23.
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This has to do with Sexual Logic, which is taught in the Hermit papers (Adeptus Major).
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ed. note:
from The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram, Magick in Theory and Practice, Appendix VII.
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See Atu IX.
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This, in turn, is dependent on the maxim: “The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu in the Khabs.” – Book of the Law, I:8.
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