In this essay, I will discuss the qabalah of the number 777 from two different approaches. The classical derivation of 777 is to sum the paths that the Lightning Flash of Creation travels along or, in the case of Gimel, crosses on its journey from Kether to Malkuth on the Tree of Life. Another way to derive 777 is to add 359 to 418, as suggested by Aleister Crowley’s comment on chapter 3, verse 74, of the Book of the Law. Both approaches discover an archetype of spirit incarnated in human form.


777 as Lightning Flash of Creation

If we trace a path from Kether to Malkuth on the Tree of Life, following the order of the sephiroth, we draw the Lightning Flash of Creation, also known as the Flaming Sword. The counterpart of the Flaming Sword is the Serpent of Wisdom, which climbs the Tree of Life in the order of the paths from Tav to Aleph. The ordeals go in reverse order of the Lightning Flash of Creation. The Serpent of Wisdom describes the ordeals which follow on any real initiation. See Initiation of the King and the Ordeal X.

Is there no end to the falling and climbing? This is the secret of Sisyphus, that angelic beast. That the climbing and falling is ever a joyous task, that this life and death is truly an unearned reward.
– 77,3:16

The numerical values of the nine paths that the Flaming Sword runs along, or crosses, sum to 777. The card numbers of the associated Tarot trumps sum to 93, the number of Θελημα (Thelema).

The path between 1 & 2 is Aleph, The Fool. The numerical value of Aleph is one, but the number of the Tarot trump card, The Fool, is zero. The second path, from 2 to 3, is Dalet, The Empress. The numerical value of Dalet is four, but the Atu number is 3. See the table below for some attributes of the nine paths.

Flaming Sword



We see the division of zero into all the complexity of a life in the world in the Flaming Sword. The Tree of Life is, among other things, a diagram of the human body. It is also a map of consciousness. 777 represents spiritual consciousness in a physical human being: the incarnation of spirit.

777 as House of God


The image at the left is the hieroglyph of Ahathoor. It is composed of two words. The box that encloses the bird, and has the little box in one corner, is the word Het meaning house or temple. The drawing of a falcon inside the box is the word Heru, Hoor or Horus, symbolic of the Sun God. Together they represent the House of Horus, Het-Hoor or Ahathoor. Horus’s house is the midday sky.

Kephra&Ahathoor To the right are the hieroglyphs, from the Stélé of Revealing, that represent Kephra and Ahathoor. Kephra is the scarab dung beetle. He is painted on the Stélé of Revealing with a somewhat flattened solar sphere of dung at His back legs. The glyph that looks like a feather is ‘neter’, indicating that Kephra and Ahathoor are gods.

Aleister Crowley’s comment on 220,3:74, the penultimate verse of the Book of the Law, points to the sum: 359 + 418 = 777. Aiwass in the persona of Ra-Hoor-Khuit declares:

There is a splendour in my name hidden
and glorious, as the sun of midnight is
ever the son.

Crowley’s original comment on this verse was:
“Perhaps refers to the addition of the name to 418.”

The secret name of Horus is שטן, Satan, 359. The sun of midnight is Ra-Kephra. The son is 777 and represents spirit incarnated. The spirit is 359. The body, temple or house, is 418.

Symbolised by the scarab dung beetle, Kephra is literally the sun in the earth. Geb, Keb, Seb, Kep, and Seph, are all versions of the name of the Egyptian god of the earth who, as brother and consort of Nut (Nuit), fathered Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthys. Geb, with His sister/wife and children, His parents Shu and Tefnut, and His parent’s parent, Atum, make up the nine Egyptian Gods in the Heliopolitan Ennead. Ra is the sun. Hence, Keph-Ra, Geb-Ra or Seb-Ra, means Earth-Sun. His is the secret of resurrection.

The secret name is 359. Interestingly, if we add only Shin (300) to the house 418, we get 718 which is twice 359. In 359, we see the notion of spirit (Shin) expressed dynamically through procreation (Tet) and the transformations of birth and death (Nun). Crowley’s elaboration of his magical formula LAShTAL addresses the qabalah of 359.

The prophet’s house is named 418. 418 is also the Hebrew letter Het, whose spelling—Het-Yod-Tav—sums to 418. Het is the letter attributed to the Tarot trump card The Chariot, the sign Cancer in the zodiac which marks the beginning of Summer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Lunar influence can be seen in the curved horns of Ahathoor.

Opposite Cancer, on the other side of the zodiac, is the earth sign Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, the Winter solstice when the sun is below the horizon for the longest night of the year. Capricorn is the astrological attribute of the Tarot trump card The Devil. If Ahathoor is noon then Kephra is midnight. (Ra-Hoor-Khuit is dawn and Tum, or Atum, is sunset.) Yule, or Saturnalia, is the festival of the midnight of the year, even in its corruption as Christmas. 777 is the child of midnight and a symbol of reincarnation. 359 is spirit expressed through cycles of life. 418 is the material plane temple in which the spirit experiences manifestation in time/space.

The Word of the Aeon is the eleven lettered word Abrahadabra, which sums to 418 by Gematria. Abrahadabra describes the ground plan of a temple in Crowley’s The Temple of Solomon the King.

Know also that my island is my temple: most especially a particular House. Het.
– 718,1:15

This is a reference to verse 4 of the third chapter of the Book of the Law, “Choose ye an island!”

It’s fair to say that the Great Work amounts to the provision of a temple suitable for the Holy Guardian Angel. The temple in question is the energy body known as the Khu, Akh or Akhu. The khu is supported by the mind/body complex, the incarnation. In verse eight of Liber Al, we are told that the Khabs is in the Khu. The Khu is the bright shiny solar astral body which is the light within the aura. Hadit says, in 220,2:2, “I am not extended, and Khabs is the name of my House.” The Khabs is the star, the Holy Guardian Angel. The Khabs is house to Hadit. The Khu is house to the Khabs. The incarnation is house to the Khu.

The scarab beetle takes a portion of cow dung, rolls it into a ball and buries it in the ground. Into this nursery is deposited an egg. The maggot thrives hidden underground, pupates and emerges from the earth a fully formed scarab identical to its parent. Although scarab beetles reproduce bi-sexually, it appeared to the ancients that they reproduced by parthenogenesis, since male and female scarabs look alike. Kephra is thus the only-begotten son, apparently having only one parent.

This symbolism describes reincarnation. Our physical bodies come from our physical parents. The spiritual entity that occupies that body is the only-begotten child of its previous incarnation. Our astral energy bodies, the ka and the khu, also dissolve after the body dies. They reincarnate on their own planes of being, coincidental with the physical manifestation.

Change not as much as the style
of a letter; for behold! thou, o prophet,
shalt not behold all these mysteries
hidden therein.

The child of thy bowels, he shall behold

Expect him not from the East, nor from
the West; for from no expected house
cometh that child. Aum!
– 220,1:54-56

“The child of thy bowels...”!? The cow, Ahathoor, bakes the ‘bread’, in her alimentary tract, that the dung beetle rolls into the solar sphere and buries in the earth to feed its offspring. It is “thy” bowels because the child, your only-begotten child, is nourished by your spiritual development in the middle of your life cycle, after you reach sexual maturity and before you reach senescence. Ahathoor represents noon and the beginning of Summer, in the Northern Hemisphere. Do not expect that child from the East (the place of birth) nor from the West (the place of death) for this is not the resurrection of the flesh but the resurrection of the spirit in a new body with a new identity in a new lifetime.

Remember all ye that existence is pure joy;
that all the sorrows are but as shadows; they
pass & are done; but there is that which
– 220,2:9

The sorrows are the ordeals. Spiritual development is accomplished through the reciprocal action of initiation and ordeal. The initiation is an influx, or inspiration, of wisdom. This new awareness changes our horizons in the world. The ordeal, necessitated by the shift of consciousness, causes us to integrate the spiritual lessons of the initiation into our worldly lives. What remains is the capacity to cope with spiritual energies that are more refined, and more powerful to cause change, than we could handle before surviving the cycles of initiation and ordeal. That which remains affects the consciousness and experience of the subsequent incarnation, 777.

We are all spiritual entities incarnated as beasts of the earth. As beasts, we are 666. As only-begotten children of our previous incarnations, we are 777. Aleister Crowley and James Beck went before us and showed us the way. This is real only if we do our own True Wills and thus bake the bread of initiation and ordeal that will nourish our spiritual children. There is no law beyond Do What Thou Wilt.


 Nemo Pandragon

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They shall worship thy
name, foursquare, mystic, wonderful, the
number of the man; and the name of
thy house 418.

– 220,2:78
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Aiwass, in the persona of Tum (Atum), wrote in Liber 718, the Book of Codes, chapter 3: verses 19 & 20,

This is not yet the end, my scribe. Continue to write! Doubt not it is I who give thee inspiration. Thy magick hath been wrought well. Thou couldst not cease if thou desired. It would drive thee mad. There is an itch for the pen and a relief at the writing of every letter. This book shall be sent to the Temple of the East in its original and typewritten copy. They shall deny its authenticity. Doubt me not! They shall come around. Think not that thou art not a success because of the faithless. My chosen know you, and the Kings shall recognize you as the Son of the Beast: as the Beast himself.

Thy woman I have punished severely as was foretold, yet now she shall be richly rewarded. Her son be not thee, for thou art the image of Him from whom you come.

James Charles Beck of Beaverton, Oregon, took down this dictation on 7 January 1976 c.e. Jim received the following verse the next day in which Aiwass, in the persona of Kephra, addresses him directly as 777.

777! This is your task! Feelest not the new current? You are a new Man; I have given thee a new life. Thou thyself shall make war on mine enemies. All they have taken for granted I shall no longer grant unto them. Unto thee and thy companions shall the task of government be placed. Thou shalt live well past the end of Death, and the Crown shall unite with thine own jiva: the archer! (Art thou Apollo or Diana in thy secrecy? Nay! Thou art Apiana! This be no chance; thy Qabalah shall make thee understand.) Thou shalt see the suffering and the destruction. Is it not true that already there is nothing to hear but woe and lamentation? That which hath befallen Elvinland shall befall your own land. Thou understandest what this signifieth. – 718,4:4.

Note that, although these prophecies are about 777, they do not apply exclusively to the Jim Beck incarnation. The implication is that they will be fulfilled over several, or even many, lifetimes of this spiritual child of the Beast 666.

It is likely that subsequent incarnations of this spiritual child will receive communications like Liber 75 vel Luciferi from Aiwass. See 77,3:26, “I shall speak with thee often, but the writing is finished.” and 75:52, “The writing is complete; I gave you no more. This is not that writing. This is conversation.”
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